4 of the Best Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Aircraft

4 of the Best Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Aircraft

The weather is starting to warm up, and hangar doors are starting to open. Flying season is here! This time of year leads to one thing, annual maintenance and aircraft cleaning. Before you hop into that pilot’s seat and take to the skies, you’ll want to get your aircraft in proper flying condition. 

  operacja podniesienia biustu Tip #1: Thoroughly Wash the Outside of the Aircraft

Now that the weather is warming up it is time to give your aircraft a thorough cleaning. It’s not only about getting the dirt and grime off; it’s also about inspection and preservation.

Start by thoroughly cleaning the outside of the aircraft, removing any bugs, oil, etc. by using an aluminum-safe and fabric-safe cleaner, such as Wash Wax ALL. For areas of the aircraft that have dried-on bugs, we recommend you pre-spray the area with Wash Wax ALL, and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. After it has soaked in, re-spray the area and use the Aero Scrubber to break up the bugs. Then, use a towel to dry and clean the area before the Wash Wax ALL dries.

Wash Wax ALL will work for most of the aircraft surfaces and windows. When working on the lower areas—such as aircraft bellies, engines, engine and APU exhaust areas, and landing gear–you may need to use Wash Wax ALL Degreaser. In extreme cases, use the Aircraft Belly Wash. For extra cleaning power, consider also using the Aero Scrubber.

  annunci ragazza milano Tip #2: Protect the Paint

Follow the exterior aircraft cleaning by protecting your paint job with a high-quality polymer sealant such as RejeX. This product tends to last longer and provides a better barrier to stains from bugs and sap.

  badoo italia Tip #3: Don’t Forget About the Glass

Don’t forget about the glass when cleaning your aircraft. Thoroughly clean all of the Plexiglas with water and elbow grease. Be sure to remove all debris without rubbing it into the glass and creating new scratches. Follow up the cleaning by polishing with an aircraft-specific Plexiglas polish, like LP Aero Plastics Acrylic Polish & Sealant.

  partnersuche in freiburg Tip #4: Treat Bare Surfaces of the Aircraft

Wipe down areas, such as the firewall, with an anti-corrosion product, like CorrosionX, to keep everything clean and protected. It’s also a good idea to coat any electrical contacts or terminals that are regularly exposed to the elements.

A little maintenance in the spring can go a long way to ensure that you have a safe flying season!

What tips and tricks do you have that you’d like to share? Comment below and let us know.

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