1 Way to Eliminate your External Power Supply

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bakeka genova donne Have you ever wanted or needed to change your aircraft’s anti-collision lights? These lights can be a hassle due to external power supply complications.

хапчета за ерекция Aircraft engineers, technicians, and pilots can greatly benefit from using aircraft lights that do not use an external power supply.

dejtingsajter 50 This article will detail the advantages of using a stand-alone aircraft lighting system as well as some options for you to consider using.

Aircraft Lights

Having the proper lighting and being highly visible is an absolute must for pilots. For a simple system, lights are a great defense against accidents. Utilizing strobes, position lights, and other aircraft lights, a pilot can remain safe and fly or taxi comfortably.

A diagram of the four primary types of installation locations of aircraft lighting

When looking at aircraft lighting systems that use an external power supply, it becomes apparent quite quickly how many more steps are involved in the installation process.

For instance, more equipment and parts are needed such as mounting systems, wiring equipment, power supplies, and the needed tools for each task. There are extensive steps that have to be taken when installing a lighting system with an external power supply such as wiring and redoing weight and balance on the aircraft after installation.

Contrast those steps with a simple wire connection for a self-contained system and the ease of installation becomes obvious.

Dealing with re-wiring these aircraft lights can be a hassle though. Having to wire the lighting system from the wing tip to the center of the aircraft’s body is no easy task.

Running the wire to an external power supply can lead to complications that no pilot or mechanic wants. The less wire you have to deal with, the better. In the late 1980s, wiring safety concerns were raised due to accidents and incidents occurring. This was due to common degrading factors in airplane wiring systems.

Issues can arise from wiring degradation over time due to the following:

  • Design
  • Operation
  • Installation
  • Time
  • Abuse
  • And numerous other factors

By using a system that eliminates the complications with an intricate wiring system, one can avoid many of these common issues.

Whelen® ORION™ Series

Whelen® has created a system to help you avoid these issues with the ORION™ Series. The ORION™ 500, 600, 650, and 650E Series are FAA/TSO approved LED aircraft systems that incorporate the latest state-of-the-art LED technology.

The major benefit to this lighting system is the all-inclusive package which eliminates the need for an external power supply. The ORION™ Series offers a wide variety of applications with minimal integration and is easily retrofitted to the Whelen® Legacy strobe products.

Other key features of this series, varying on which light you choose, include:

  • Fully FAA/TSO-C96a & TSO-C30c approved
  • FAR SPEC certified compliant
  • Replaceable hard coated polycarbonate lens to maintain maximum light output
  • Aerodynamic design without sacrificing light output
  • Exceeds FAA minimum intensity requirements for maximum visibility and increased safety of flight
  • Environmentally tested and certified to RTCA/DO-160G standards

Different Options

Depending on the location and type of light you want, Whelen® offers a unique blend of choices for you.

The ORION™ 600 Series incorporates the latest state-of-the-art LED technology and is a self-contained, wingtip mounted, Position/Anti-Collision system.

An image of an ORION™ 600 Series aircraft light and its features

The ORION™ 650E Series is a LED self-contained, wingtip mounted, Position/Anti-Collision system designed to be embedded in the wingtip, giving a nice flush appearance.

An image of an ORION™ 650E Series aircraft light and its features

The ORION™ 650 Series is very similar to the 650E, the only difference being that the 650 is not embedded in the wingtip.

An image of an ORION™ 650 Series aircraft light and its features

Lastly, the tail mounted Position/Anti-Collision LED system is offered in the ORION™ 500 Series aircraft light. This light is also a self-contained system which makes installing the Whelen® ORION™ series LED lights a feasible task for most.

An image of an ORION™ 500 Series aircraft light and its features


Saving you time and inconvenience is always a major plus in the aircraft industry. Little changes and tweaks to your aircraft like this can really help to achieve this. Always be sure to explore your options and look for small variations such as the ones we mentioned in this article.

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