Can It Really be That Easy?

Ready to Make a Mess? Nah, It’s not that Bad!

Better to be Safe than Sorry!

Always Double Check!

Need Some Other Tips?

  • Getting gadgets are not a waste of money; these little supplies go a long way in this case and actually do help!
  • Tempest oil filters are a good brand because they have a magnetic filtration system which is designed to collect fine steel particles that can be harmful to your engine.
  • Be sure to check application on which oil filter is the correct one to use for your aircraft. You’d hate to get through all the messy work to find out that you have the wrong filter!
  • You should change your oil every 25-50 hours if you use a filter and every 25 hours if you just use the screen.
  • Before you put in your new oil filter, mark it with a permanent marker with your tack time and date. That way you don’t have to search through your log books to see when you’re due for an oil change; it will be right there for you to see.
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