5 Products to Keep Your Aircraft Looking Beautiful

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odstranenie tuku na bruchu Teaching yourself to keep your beloved aircraft nice and shiny is one investment that will always pay off. Learning to use the correct aircraft polish for the desired job is crucial to keeping your aircraft being the envy of onlookers.

incontri milano no mercenaria The products we will cover in detail include their benefits as well as how and where to use them.

αυξηση στηθουσ με χαπια Let’s get started!


Flitz Polish

Flitz Polish Paste is a great product that has lasted for over 30 years and is proven to be a must for anyone wanting their aircraft to look great.

This aircraft polish comes in a paste or liquid. Flitz Polish easily removes tarnish, rust, water stains, chalking, lime deposits, heat discoloration, lead & powder, residue, and numerous other concerns.Blog_AEROInc_ManVsPlane_2015_07July_Article15_Body_Flitz_Final

Another major positive about Flitz Polish is the wide range of surfaces it is safe to be used on including: brass, copper, silverplate, chrome, stainless steel, nickel, bronze, gold, aluminum, and about twenty more less common surfaces. Pretty impressive!

Most applications are done with a microfiber towel and a dry towel. For instance, to repair tarnished brass, copper, and bronze one simply applies Flitz with a soft cloth and polishes dry with a clean, dry cloth.

Just like that you have your beautiful surfaces restored!


Micro Surface Leading Edge Polishing Kit

Anyone who has ever polished a leading edge knows that it is no fun. Spending those long, laborious hours rubbing and buffing a leading edge can become a major hassle.

Purchasing a kit can save you the worry about which products you will really need during the process. This kit works exceptionally well on unpainted, aluminum surfaces as well as vertical and horizontal stabilizers, engine nose cowls, and thrust reversers.3661300691_4e685d1c8b_b

Micro Surface also provides a great online guide on using their product.

The Micro Surface Leading Edge Polishing Kit includes loop discs, aluminum cutting fluid, a lamb’s wool polishing pad, a back foam polishing pad, a soft interface pad, two flannel cloths and instructions on exactly how to polish your aircraft to mirror-like quality.Blog_AEROInc_ManVsPlane_2015_07July_Article15_Body_MicroSurface_Final



Wash Wax All Polish ALL

Wash Wax ALL products are very reliable, and they have a product for every surface you could want to clean.

Polish All  is a great liquid polish that removes oxidation as well as scratches from paint, plastic, aluminum, and other metals. This product works especially well on aluminum areas such as: spinner, canopy rails, or your entire aircraft if needed.Blog_AEROInc_ManVsPlane_2015_07July_Article15_Body_WashWaxALL_Final

Tip: Polish ALL is a super-fine finishing polish that can remove some water spots but you may need a product such as Water Spot Remover to get the remaining spots.

It is easily applied by hand or by using a power polisher. Simply apply Polish ALL to a clean, dry surface and rub an area in a circular motion moving from left to right, overlapping each circle.

Be sure to saturate a new towel or pad before you begin rubbing the same spot, if it is not saturated it will not leave enough polish to keep the surface wet as you rub.

LP Aero Plastics Acrylic Polish & Sealant

If you are in the market for a superior no-wax polish that you can use on your entire aircraft then the LP Aero Plastics Acrylic Polish & Sealant is your product. You should never be using any of the following to clean your windows or windshield: de-icing fluid, household window cleaners, lacquer thinner, gasoline, acetone, carbon tetrachloride, benzene, or fire extinguisher fluid.Blog_AEROInc_ManVsPlane_2015_07July_Article15_Body_LPAero_Final

Giving a super slick surface to your windshield and windows is always a huge perk when cleaning your aircraft. This product does exactly that.

This is one of the easiest products to apply and remove that we have come across here at A.E.R.O.

AVL Clear View Plastic Polish

If you want to make your plastic look brand new, then you should give the Clear View Plastic Polish from AVL a try.

This product works by making your clear and colored (including plexiglass and Lexan) plastic look like you just bought it. This look is achieved by filling in fine scratches with specially formulated carnauba wax on plastic windshields and windows. You can pair this with any of the above waxes for a great finish to your aircraft.

Simply spray the polish on your window or windshield and wipe it off. This will leave your windows and windshield looking spectacular.Blog_AEROInc_ManVsPlane_2015_07July_Article15_Body_AVLClearView_Final


Treating your aircraft with love is a simple concept that is often neglected. By purchasing products like the ones mentioned here, a person can easily maintain an aircraft to the utmost qualities desired by true aviation lovers.

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P-51 Mustang photo credit: Mark Von Raesfeld

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