With its Hawaiian theme, Lava Lounge has a lot of tropical and reggae music played throughout the night. They are pretty sterile but I can see how they would fit the purpose. NEXUS state-of-the-art highrise homes starting from. Eagle's Nest estate in the San Juans offers. OK, one from work. That is seriously an incredibly lame rationalization. Can only think of a few who are work friends, but no randoms. Order "the bar" for dessert. The Cherokee, Iowa, native says things are different in the Midwest. Because Lava Lounge has a Hawaiian theme, tropical, reggae and zydeco music play throughout. This Cocktail Combines the Best Parts of Rhubarb Pie and Beer. Mon to Thurs — 2 p. Plenty of good grub in the area as well. Where's the late twenties girls that have no Summer jobs and want to party going? Best Places In Seattle For A First Date Photo Credit: Alki is an option but like Kirkland, I've been "out of the loop" for years on where the party is. We've selected the nominees, it's up to you to pick the winners. This is a great dog friendly beer bar. New on Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Hulu in August. The secret back room at Brass Tacks Georgetown Just push aside the revolving bookcase in the very back of the bar and voila!

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Get two for dessert. Plenty of good grub in the area as well. Most of my good friends I met when I was in the Navy over 7 years ago and we're spread all over the country. Check this place out! Hey, at least he is being honest.

Smoky haze in Seattle? Amazing top of the line tap system for dozens of beers, impressive bottle selection as well. Located just below the main thoroughfare in the Pike Place Market. This spot makes top notch cocktails duh , the likes of which include riffs on the classics like French 75's Sun's Oslo 75 features Aquavit and sloe gin plus original creations, all of which are picture perfect to sip in SL's plush, speakeasy style establishment. I still don't talk to girls. Despite the overall liberal hype, Seattle is a pretty conservative and sex-negative place

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Good draft beer list. When told about the news that Seattle is supposed to be the hottest dating spot in the county, Richardson, who recently began dating someone, said, "I think they mean if you hang out at places like Axis or Medusa. Sunday July 23rd 3PM at Cal Anderson Park. Popular Searches Brunch Happy Hour Pizza Coffee. I'm miserable at converting random conversations and drinking into more than that unless we share a friend. One immediately left when you enter the dance floor, and the other just left of the stage. It helps, too, that this is conveniently located along Western Avenue just a few blocks away from the public market.

It's just hard to meet people when you go out. On Wed you should've gone to the Fiona Apple concert at the Paramount. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Schilling Cider House 9. Located at Olive Way, this lounge boasts of having perhaps the best mixed drinks in all of Seattle. That is seriously an incredibly lame rationalization. I agree, subject line is a little too "bold" sorry.

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