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Aircraft Oil Change, Say What Again?

Aircraft Oil Changing, Say What Again?

gratis dating trondheim My idea of changing the oil in something is to show up at one of the many instant oil change places, sit down, read a book, and pay when I’m finished.  So, when I was approached by my dad to help him change the oil in his airplane, naturally, my response was

Is Your Oil Leaking? It Could Be Your Rocker Cover Gasket


partnervermittlung schweiz testsieger Have you ever been completely baffled as to where that pesky oil leak is coming from? Often times it can come from a place you’d not normally expect, your rocker covers.

4 Things You Need to Know About Aircraft Cylinders


By understanding how key parts of your aircraft function you can become a much safer pilot or mechanic. Learning about the functionality of your aircraft cylinders is one area where you can quickly grasp an understanding of a crucial component of your aircraft.

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